Code of Conduct for Students
• The students are strictly directed to carry the identity card with photograph affixed while on campus.
• Students are instructed to follow the college dress code.
• It is compulsory for students to attend the lectures and practicals regularly.
• Students must have minimum 75% attendance in theory and practicals.
• Students’ conduct must be good.
• Students are strictly instructed to appear for all the tests and examinations with satisfactory outcome.
• Students are instructed to read the notices stuck on display boards.
• The students are instructed not to cause any disturbance to fellow students and other classes.
• Students should not wander aimlessly in the premises of the institute.
• Students are not allowed to form any organization or association in the institute and invite any guest or speaker to address them without having prior permission of the principal.
• Students must take the permission of the principal to arrange any trip.
• Students are strictly instructed not to cause any sort of damage to the property of the institute.
• The students are strictly prohibited to indulge in any act of ragging on and off the campus, as per the Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999.
• Students are strictly prohibited to indulge in any sort of addiction.
• Students are strictly prohibited to indulge in any act of violence.
• Students are expected to pay due respect to the teachers and elders.

Rules for Parking
• All the students and staff members are instructed to park their vehicles in the allotted parking area by the institute.
• All the students and staff members are instructed to lock their vehicle properly.
• The institute is not responsible for vehicles parked outside of the campus.

Examination Rules
• The students’ attendance in respective subjects must not be below 75% to attend the theory and practical university exams.
• It is compulsory for all the students to appear for college-level and university exams.
• If a student is not able to appear for examinations because of any unavoidable reasons, he/she is expected to apprise of the same to competent authority.
• Students are directed to take note of the exam time table without a fail and also be alert towards the changes that take place in the time table, if any.
• Student must reach the examination hall thirty minutes before the commencement of examination.
• The students are bound to follow the instructions given by the supervisor in the examination hall.
• Studentsare not allowed to cause any sort of annoyance or disturbance in the examination hall.
• Any sort of malpractice in strictly prohibited in the examination hall.
• Institute provides a scribe to differently abled students.

Code of Conduct for Teachers
• Teachers are directed to have clear communication with the students to apprise them of the instructions for all the assignments.
• Teachers are expected to have updated knowledge of the respective subjects and the current affairs.
• Teachers are expected to make pre-preparation for the lecture they have to deliver in the classroom.
• Teachers are directed to conduct practical and other exams as per the scheduled time.
• Teachers are expected to make the use of ICT tools like projectors, e-resources etc. for effective teaching-learning process.
• Teachers are directed to record the students’ attendance regularly.
• Teachers are supposed to complete the syllabus as per the annual plan.
• Teachers must evaluate the examinations in the given time.
• Teachers are directed to conduct the examinations in a free and fair environment.
• Teachers are expected to be responsive to the queries and problems of the students.
• To have communication with parents/guardians of the students.
• To get the permission from the competent authority for any sort of leave.
• They are expected to obey all the rules, regulations by the affiliating university and instructions given by the principal.
• Teachers are advised to avoid the malpractice of plagiarism for their research work.

Code of Conduct for Support Staff

• To complete the assigned tasks within stipulated period.
• To make the right use of their duty period for effective output.
• To have faith in the principle of cooperation while working.
• To maintain the confidentiality in all the office affairs.
• To have thorough knowledge of the duty related works.
• To possess proficiency in their work.
• To maintain the team work spirit.
• To be ever ready to take initiatives.
• To give prior information in terms of application to the competent authority for any leave.

Institutional Core Values
Fundamental beliefs i.e. Core values of our institute are in accordance with its vision and the mission which focus on the overall development of the students in turn society throughcurriculum and extension activities, teachers, supportive staff and so on.
Our first and foremost aim is to maintain the quality in all the academic and administrative activities. To attain the said aim, we give prominence to quality in the facilities we provide on and off the campus; in the programs we organize; and the services we offer. We strive to promote the incessant process of bringing improvement. We focus on the creative efforts and the innovative steps to make the teaching-learning more effective and productive as well as the extra-curricular activities to bring out the best from the learners. The institute believes in and encourages the principle of collective effort to carry out any task. We are committed to the attainment of excellence in all that what we do through the quality initiatives.

We firmly believe in the principle of honesty and accordingly we try our level best to maintain it in all the sections of the institute. The institute emphasises on the accomplishment of teaching objectives within the stipulated period for better and effective learning outcomes. In addition, we provide best possible facilities and services to the students of institute to motivate them for being more active and creative to do something innovative and productive.

We are dedicated to the vision and the mission of the institute. Following which, the institute strives to provide quality higher education to the students of Lakhandur region through the use of innovative, creative, ICT enabled, scientific, more modern and moderately traditional methods and approaches for effective and result-oriented teaching-learning process with full dedication.

We give the assurance of fulfilling the needs and demands of the people of the region in which the institute is located. We are committed to the attainment of fruitful learning outcomes and hence we incessantly carry on the process of assessment of the learning experiences of the learners about the academic programs run by the institute. We resolutely profess to work for the betterment and promising career of our students.

We sincerely hold faith in the principle of honour to all directly or indirectly associated with our institution. We are often eager to receive suggestions and recommendations from the stakeholders regarding any issue related with the development of the institute. The employees of the institute get full honour in all respects from the top management to the bottom level sections of the institute. The students are also treated in a friendly manner by the employees of teaching and non-teaching staff.

Inculcation of Co-operative Attitude
We believe that co-operation is the real strength and accordingly we try our best to instil this spirit among our students for their bright future.

Unity in Diversity
Our institute holds full faith in unity in diversity. There are students and staff members from different caste, creed and religion in our institute but a very commendable and model rapport is maintained among all of them. Not a single incident of any differences or disagreement among the staff members and the students of our instituteis reported so far in our institution and this underlines our true faith in the principle of Unity in Diversity.